New Furniture Sales: 

Bridgman’s Furniture has a large sales floor full of new furniture, spanning over two spacious floors. Most items can be ordered to suit, or can be purchased right off the sales floor.

Used Furniture Sales: 

A large warehouse located adjacent to Bridgman’s main building offers a wide selection of used furniture at greatly discounted prices.  The used section includes everything from antique furniture to modern, upscale furniture.

Appliance Sales:

Bridgman’s Appliance Shop features new appliances, including washer and dryer sets, stoves, refrigerators, and more.  Appliances can also be ordered, including hard-to-find and specialty appliances.

Carpet Sales and Installation:

Bridgman’s Floorcovering Department offers both residential and commercial carpet sales and installations.

Window Covering Installation:

From mini-blinds to fabric curtains, Bridgman’s offers a wide variety of window coverings.

Commercial Properties for Rent:

In the tradition of Bridgman’s, they also offer a number of commercial properties for rent.  To find out about available rentals, visit in store.